Mona's attention to detail is amazing - she always gets that perfect shot.

Mona knows how to capture every emotion and expression in such a way that the photos tell a story on their own. Mona takes exceptional pride in her work and without a doubt, is someone you can trust with all your photo needs!"

Diane C.

Dobbs Ferry, NY

Mona’s ability to transform the most camera-shy person into a willing model when they’re in front of her camera comes from her easygoing personality and lighthearted sense of humor.  You can tell she truly wants people to enjoy the experience as much as she enjoys taking the photos!

Trish R.

Fairfield, CT

Mona of A New Focus Photography is a talented, focused, and amazing photographer.  Her warm spirit and personal touch will make any client comfortable.  Her major strength is that she pays close attention to detail making sure she gets that perfect shot.

Sharon S.

Bridgeport, CT

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Needing a professional portrait for my job search, I turned to Mona. I was so pleased that I also had her take photos of my family and our yellow Labrador Retriever. I will continue to use Mona going forward because of her patience and professionalism. 

Greg P.

Whitestone, NY

They say that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and they would be right especially when the photographer has a keen eye and Mona undeniably has that keen eye. I can also say that I hate my picture to be taken but I’ve come to relax and truly appreciate the care and attention that Mona brings to a shoot.  And, the outcome is amazing.

Geri J.

Stamford, CT

Mona-Marie is a person with tremendous drive and personality.  Her photography produces results that only a trusted confidante would present.  She earns your trust and, in turn, brings out the best in you.  And it shows in her work.

Ann Maria L.

Mohegan Lake, NY

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